Raafat Zaiter

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About The Author

Raafat Zaiter grew up with his parents and siblings in a one-room mud house in a small village in Lebanon. They had no electricity, running water or indoor bathroom.

Throughout his childhood, he enjoyed his family and friends while exploring all that nature and books had to offer.

Raafat eventually fled Lebanon during a cease-fire in their civil war and chose to pursue his higher education in the United States. After receiving his MBA in Illinois, he began an eighteen-year corporate career working at an international accounting firm for one of Chicago’s most prestigious advertising agencies.

While meeting the demands of his regular 9-5 job, Raafat successfully launched several small businesses, including gas stations and restaurants. He attributes his success to using a solid white-collar approach for a blue-collar job. He holds a PhD in Business Administration.

So far in his life, Raafat has worked as an information technology manager, small business owner, published author, a black belt in Kung Fu, and father of five children.

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